Real Talk Radio



Real Talk Radio has developed its services which are underpinned by the principles of Ubuntu which is a universal term meaning “humanity.” It is often translated as “I am because we are,” or “humanity towards others.” Ancient tribes used this in a more philosophical sense to mean “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.

At this moment in time we are looking for volunteers to come on board due to the expansion of the services we provide. You don’t need a degree or a volunteer just a willing heart and mind to consistently support the work we are doing by giving some of your time, being that vital voice for another or sharing your expertise.

The helping in the spirit of Ubuntu goes along way even when we do not see the results on the scales we expect. Quite often it reaches the hearts of others and supports the transformation and renewal of the mind leaving hope for others to go on. Volunteers play a vital role in uplifting humanity no matter how small or great the tasks maybe.

If you would like to volunteer but unsure of what you can offer, we have the necessary platforms and pathways to help you find the role within our organisation that suits you and your skill sets. Volunteers work best when they’re making the most of their unique hidden talents.

It is envisioned that the range of services Real Talk Radio provides will make the difference in our lives, stabilising the here and now. Through the quality of our volunteers and our team work, will enable such stabilisation to grow, sustainability and productivity for generations to come.

They say volunteering is more than delivering a task without payment, it’s about giving the gift of your time, talent and skills. Help us to uplift humanity for we all play a universal role.